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Melissa discovered her passion for baking through her childhood experiments with cookies. Determined to perfect her creations, she delved into various chocolate chip cookie recipes, testing different techniques and ingredients. Her pursuit of the perfect cookie sparked a fascination with the science of baking, emphasizing precise measurements and consistent results. Melissa’s love for baking became a way to bring joy to others through her delectable treats.

After a mishap with a cake that slid off its base, Melissa resolved to master the art of cake decorating. She enrolled in cake decorating classes, honing her skills in royal icing, buttercream flowers, and fondant work. Her dedication and newfound expertise boosted her confidence, enabling her to create stunning cakes that delighted her customers. Melissa began selling her homemade cakes from her own kitchen, building a loyal following.

Despite her initial ambitions to pursue formal culinary education, Melissa chose to prioritize her growing family. However, her passion for baking persisted, and she continued to create cakes for her loved ones. With the advent of cottage laws, which allowed home bakers to sell their goods, Melissa found an opportunity to revive her baking career.

In 2020, she received a sourdough starter and ventured into the world of bread-making. Melissa’s determination led her to discover a hands-on recipe for sourdough bread. Since then, she has been baking multiple loaves daily, exploring the endless possibilities of sourdough varieties and fueling her newfound obsession.

Life is short, eat the cake!